I am an award-winning serial entrepreneur, media personality, and confidence coach, who specializes in creating natural authority for individuals and corporations through building strategies that are innovative, simple, and impactful.


I have worked in the professional arena for over 30 years in 3 different industries (hospitality, health, media), of which almost 20 years have been in creating partnerships, collaborations, and campaigns that incorporate some of today’s biggest fortune 500 companies, A-list celebrities, multi-national media houses, and many niche communities.


During this time, my team and I have been able to provide real life solutions to real life problems in media, marketing, branding, promotions, and many more related areas.


- Amp up your personal brand, I can coach you anywhere in the world at any time! 
- Reach a niche market with a meaningful impact, I can help you get there!



Corporate Testimonials

Abhishek Mathur

Chief Entertainment Strategist & Cultural Producer
The Totem Spot FZE

Looking back, it is with pleasure that I doff my hat to this lady who stood her ground, strived for success and persevered till it was assured to her; and then, continued to strive and snowball her way into the homes and hearts of so many through various media and event vehicles. Proving that there is never a finish line... but a passion for going onwards and upwards! ‘Anokhi’ truly describes her.

Ada Mlostek

Brand Gallery Media

Raj is one of the most passionate people that I know, whom I admire so much. She injects passion into all that she does; passion for life, passion for the community, passion for business; literally everything that she is associated with. Whether she is focusing on personal development or on business growth, she has and is, making a big impact. With a natural capacity to see a person’s raw talent, Raj has helped countless businesswomen (me included), to follow their passion and hone their skills, to build a business doing something they love. I'm grateful to know Raj, who is so humble, so encouraging, and has the capacity to make what’s seemingly impossible, possible

Anjula Acharia

Early Stage Tech Investor / Manager, Priyanka Chopra

Raj is smart, intelligent and one of the best in the game. She is always on top of whatever she is doing. Loved working with her.

Ashlee Froese

Founder, Trademark & Branding Lawyer
Froese Law

Raj Girn is a dynamic woman and a force to be reckoned with. As an exec who has run a valued and celebrated multi-media company for over 15 years, Raj shows a consistent dedication and vision, which are key components for establishing any brand.

Belinda Ginter

Belinda Ginter

Mindset Kinesiology Expert
Unstoppable Mindset Inc.

I would recommend any business owner to work with Raj. Raj has a way of quickly tapping into your core business needs, identifying your strengths and creating strategies to strengthen your weaknesses.

With each session she provided insights and a road map of what to implement next. This took the guesswork away and provided clarity. It felt as though I had a partner in my business...one who wanted it to succeed as much as I wanted it to. 

Hiring Raj Girn was the best business decision I have made. Her expert advice along with her awesome belief propelled my business and my spirit to new levels! Hire her you won’t regret it.

Bobby S. Brown

Senior Producer
BSB Films

One of the most professional and respected entrepreneurs that I've had the privilege of working with. A powerhouse and leader in the South Asian community and a wonderful person to do business with.

Dimple Mukherjee

Occupational Therapist & Women’s Coach

Raj is a leader and an authority in the South Asian medium. She inspires with her authenticity and vibrant personality and her no nonsense approach within the world of media, marketing and PR, which is what makes her unique. Raj is a great role model for women everywhere as she continues to delicately balance her personal and professional responsibilities with grace and elegance while leading a life that is aligned with her truth.

Dipti Rach

Corporate Care Specialist
Acumen Solutions

Raj is one of the most professional entrepreneurs that I’ve had the privilege to work with. She is a woman with integrity, vision, and above all, passion for what she believes in! I look forward to partnering with her in the future.

Fatima Zaidi

Pretty Woman Cosmetics

Raj Girn is an exceptional, admirable and strong individual that is a well-known brand in itself in the industry for her entrepreneurship in different genres. I have had the honour to work with her on numerous occasions. Our corporate relations with Anokhi Media truly set a mark for us and it helped develop a fashion/beauty segment to the next level that lead us to a pinnacle of success.

When it came to marketing, she leads her team with her expertise and knew exactly how to get results. Furthermore, her numerous successful events and social media empire really shows her love and dedication through her work ethics. Not only does she empower businesses, she also empowers souls and really helps connect the missing piece.

I am really glad that I have had the pleasure to be a part of her organization. I would truly recommend Raj Girn for all her areas of expertise. She is not only a professional but a role model.

Gaurav Misra

Emmy Award-Winning Hollywood Producer / Former VP Programming MTV Networks

Raj is an extremely rare and talented media visionary and entrepreneur. She is charming, creative, incredibly passionate, and she is able to uniquely inspire others around the pioneering work she does.

Gautam Nath

Chair of the Board of Directors
New Canada Media

I have known Raj for years, mostly through conversations online and by reputation. But once she steps into the room, bulbs flash and you automatically get re-charged. She carries that energy! Often, I wonder how she does that, the ability to be there full of life, energy and motivation; truly one of a kind. Her passion for life and her ability to shine is contagious

Gavin Barrett

Founding Partner / Owner / Chief Creative Officer
Barrett And Welsh

I was fortunate enough to share a stage with Raj once or perhaps I should say ‘unfortunate’, because Raj was such a crackling ball of energy and fun, that she stole the show par for the course for her. I continue to watch her achievements with admiration and respect.

Iman Grewal

Owner / Creative Director
Kama Entertainment

Raj Girn is the pioneer, trailblazer, trend setting genius brain behind the incredibly successful ANOKHI MEDIA brand. Raj has been a female empowering leader with many events being held to showcase and celebrate women Internationally and locally. Raj is dynamic, well spoken, professional, knowledgeable person, which is just stating the obvious, but the beauty and brains combination is what it took to turn a quarterly print magazine (which is what it started as over 15 years ago), to an International media brand, I continuously recommend and refer Raj to many of my clients as the expert in her field. Raj is always growing and that is why she is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are looking for a brand expert in media who is an expert who holds relationships with high level executive brands and celebrities alike, Raj is your go to. Thank you for your support over the years Raj.

Indira Naidoo-Harris

Minister of Education, Canada, 2018

I met a young woman in 2001 who had a sparkle in her eye, who I realized was hard working, talented, dedicated, and had a vision. I knew that she was someone special. I was working at Omni and we wound up working together. Something impressed me about her right from the beginning and that was that she had vision and she had big ideas. That person was Raj Girn.

Jake Dheer

Senior Manager
Rogers Media Inc.

Raj Girn had this vision about 15 years ago and look at where she’s brought it. It was a small magazine that became an international, respected brand that’s truly ‘anokhi’ (unique), as she is. Congratulations, I’m so proud of you for what you have achieved

Jasmin Dugal

General Manager
Groupe SEB Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Raj on various projects. Not only is she an expert within her field but has integrity and a passion like no other.

Jason Cameron

Toronto Fashion Academy

I have had the honour and pleasure of knowing with Raj Girn over the last 13 years in the Canadian market as an avid entrepreneur. She has not only taken that job title seriously, but she has become a one-woman mega house by specializing in Media, Marketing & Public Relations. We have had the chance to be a corporate partner with ANOKHI MEDIA lead by Raj, and have been fortunate enough to increase our platform within the South Asian market just by partnering with this organization.

This helps elevate our brand along with providing the strategic vision that Raj has set out for her media empire, along with numerous events organized and coordinated by her. We have constantly returned as a partner due to the lucrative positive results that came out of our partnership. Raj has consistently kept her exquisite success rate in a time where media and marketing has been bombarded by society, regulations, and constant audience interruption by social media and/or digital influence.

I would highly recommend Raj Girn for her specialties in media, marketing and public relations, with her years of skills acquired through a combination of education and vast, real life experiences. She has had the chance to create a fine balance in all three areas, while being able to execute various businesses and being a success at all she does.

John Tory

65th Mayor of Toronto

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the President and CEO Raj Girn, for her entrepreneurial spirit and her ongoing passion to bring South Asian pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment to the masses.

Justin Trudeau

23rd Prime Minister of Canada

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2017 ANOKHI Awards . . . Thank you to the organizers of this amazing event and to all in attendance for coming out to enjoy today’s awards show.

Kathleen Wynne

25th Premier of Ontario

Raj is a role model for all young women, with her vision, dedication, and leadership.

Mahima Klinge

Europe's no 1 Self Mastery Mentor
The Mahima Mindset

Raj Girn Is a powerhouse bursting with love and care. She brings her full heart to meet you where you are. I can highly recommend being close to her and learning from her. It will enrich your life and move you from where you are to start thriving and growing.

Margaret Batuszkin

Senior PR/Communications Professional

Over the years, I’ve always been an admirer of Raj Girn’s many entrepreneurial accomplishments, her business savviness and grace. She’s a natural born leader and has earned a stellar reputation as a businesswoman who knows how to successfully and strategically take a business/brand to the next level. She’s confident yet approachable.

She celebrates her successes but always has her eye on the next venture. In industry circles, I’ve heard many business professionals, media and digital influencers sing her praises for helping them to get their start in business or opening doors in their respective fields. She’s a powerful combination of a creative and innovative thinker, who has the ability to quickly and effectively cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter.

I fondly remember my first one-on-one meeting with her over lunch a few years ago. I was so impressed by her industry know-how and forward-thinking on our respective industries. She was fearless and took calculated risks – which, I highly respect. I recall leaving the lunch feeling energized and inspired by her and ready to take on new ventures. Raj is the real deal.

Melanie Barnard

Nurse, Injectables Expert & Trainer

Raj is that magnetic energy that just draws you into her and in any situation, she sees the positive side and just knows what to do. This woman is next-level business smart, she's so intelligent when it comes to running a business and knowing what to do. I am in awe of her and so thankful for being part of her team in this new project that we're doing!

Mohit Rajhans

Growth x Content Leader
Think Start Inc.

There are very few people in the world who can pull off what Raj has been able to do with her various media properties. She is a 'committed to the cause' type of professional and has been one of the only original voices from within the South Asian media scene who has taken her vision globally without the need of anyone's validation or permission. On her terms, Raj has not only built platforms for creators, but she has provided opportunities for businesses that have not had the luxury of experiencing the real value of the various voices in the diaspora by showing them. I look forward to generations studying the impact she has had as a leader and as an exemplary human.

Nadiya Shah

Nadiya Shah


Raj is an inspiration to so many of us, motivated by her example of successful entrepreneurship, cultural influence, personal charisma and clear success. She carries herself with an undeniable, generous confidence. She continues to be a leader in the ways in which she expands her reach, and most importantly, teaches others to do the same. I am grateful for how she has blazed a trail as a pioneer in south-asian Canadian media, so that others know it is possible for us to find our own way forward.

Neil Verma


I had known Raj from a previous role and had lost touch over the years! And we started our conversation, going to back to our first interactions - Raj hasn't changed over the years - the same passion, yearning, and positivity. The podcast itself was very well organized, relevant questions and we covered a lot of ground. As a future podcast host as well, one key element that I admire about Raj is how she intersperses her commentary based on the guest's responses and her segue's to a new topic! Inspiring!

Nina Purewal

Nina Purewal

Pure Minds

It was such a pleasure and honour to be interviewed by Raj. She was well-informed, naturally curious, incredibly warm and fun. It's evident that Raj has a vast amount of experience interviewing others due to her professionalism and the types of questions she asks. She was easy to talk to, which made the conversation natural and allowed me to feel vulnerable. Raj is an absolute powerhouse, inspiration and mentor. I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, do so!

Pam Malhotra

Founder & Managing Director
What The Financial

There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for Raj. She has cleared my life of confusion and helped me uncover my purpose. Her wisdom, insight and art of aiding self-discovery and growth, are unmatched! She's not only a coach but a true leader in her industry and I sincerely thank her for helping me uncover my ‘4 pillars’.

Thank you for your relentless support and guidance. Without it my vision would have just been a dream! Thank you for guiding me, supporting me, slowing me down when I needed it and helping me regain focus. Your support, leadership and knowledge are truly world class! I am honoured to be working with you and look forward to our journey as I unfold as an entrepreneur.

Through Raj's coaching, I have become more aware of my actions and through that awareness, I know I will achieve my own greatness. Truly learning from the best!

Payal Kadakia-Pujji

Founder, ClassPass

Thank you to ANOKHI and Raj for creating such a wonderful organization.

Randy Phipps

Founder & Publicist
RP Communications

Raj Girn is a trailblazing visionary that has managed to consistently stay ahead of the media, marketing and branding industries she works in. Her hands-on approach and deep insight in these arenas, have kept her at the top of her game for countless years. Her industry knowledge and business acumen combined with her fiery tenacity, have made her a constant resource and leader in every field she enters into, and her diversified body of work has made a massive contribution on a global scale.

Reetu Gupta

Reetu Gupta

The Gupta Group

Raj is a visionary with a formidable understanding of business and an ability to foresee how to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. She has always been a groundbreaker and an exceptional leader. At the same time, she is so caring and passionate and puts a bit of fabulous in everything she does.

She is a force to be reckoned with, as she has created her brands from the ground up, equipped with vision and determination and seem to be graced by the divine, as they exceed everyone's expectations. She is a formidable woman who, if you get the chance to sit with for even 5 minutes, not only will you learn so much, you will feel blessed to be in her presence!!!!!


Dr. Rima Bonario

Soul Coach, Healer & Author

I very much enjoyed my conversation with Raj! She is an engaging and well-prepared interviewer. I loved her insights and how she masterfully guided the conversation as we explored the deeper context of what it means to be a sovereign woman in these times.

Roberta Hughes

PeaceFull Living

Raj Girn is a dynamic host who makes her guests feel welcome, seen and heard. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious; it is easy to immerse yourself in the conversation. Sharing your story and content will feel natural and comfortable. You may also be inspired to work with Raj to take your business to the next level.

Shae Invidiata

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

I've had the pleasure to work with Raj in different capacities over the past 4 years and have experienced the effectiveness of her work. Raj is always evolving, reshaping, and redefine today's industry, and she is truly an industry leader. To see what Raj has accomplished in 15 years is remarkable, and I know with certainty that she is just getting started. If you are looking to align yourself with someone who is a fierce force that is relentlessly dedicated to her work for you, than Raj Girn is the person you are looking for!

Shalini Vadhera

Passport To Beauty / Ready Set Jet

Raj is one of the most dynamic, driven and passionate business owners I have ever had the pleasure of working with . . . Her ability to successfully introduce, promote, and market new talent and concepts, makes Raj the go to for anything ‘Anokhi’ (unique). It has been a pleasure to work with Raj . . . and I look forward to working with her on many new opportunities.

Shauna Ireland

Founder / Conscious Communications Consultant
Power Hour

Raj Girn is truly an inspiration to me as a woman. She always radiates infectious positive energy and when you are with her, she has the innate ability to make you feel at ease and confident. When she walks into a room she commands attention - you are energetically drawn to her. When you connect with her she naturally brings out the best in you. She graciously shares both her wisdom and intellect through every encounter. She is humble and vibrant.

Raj is a brilliant business woman and has a heart full of pure gold and because of this, she is like a mentor to me. She values people and cares about everything she does. As an international leader in the media industry (which can be competitive), she is genuinely concerned about people's success and well-being. She elevates those around her. This is admirable.

I have worked with Raj at many different capacities and the experience is always consistent - uplifting, positive, inspiring, insightful, and clever. She is Genius. She is making a difference in our world.

Shenaz Mohammed

Founding Partner
Fashion By Law

Raj Girn is an authentic, vibrant professional, with a genuine passion for helping brands get their message out in the most effective way. She has pioneered 2 amazing media platforms and continues to deliver engaging, meaningful content to viewers and listeners. It's been a pleasure calling her a true friend and mentor.

Tushar Unadkat-min

Tushar Unadkat

CEO, Creative Director
MUKTA Advertising

Raj is the epitome of leaders in Canada, a fashionista and an inspiration for the community at large. She is undoubtedly the public speaking par excellence. For over a decade, we had the opportunity to work on several high-end fashion and lifestyle events and I confidently vouch that she has a unique vision to attain success and can mentor, multitask and manifest value for all.

Veronica Chail

Journalist, Professor, Strategist

I've had the pleasure of working with Raj on various media projects and events. Raj is a big picture thinker. She is an excellent communicator, a dynamic speaker, and when she walks into a room, she brings life to it. Her work and innovative spirit are flawless reflections of the things that define her as a person - intelligence, passion, charisma, generosity, bold sense of humour, and above all, unique. Raj motivates others to re-define conventional wisdom, not just echo it. She is truly a global trailblazer.


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