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As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and media personality with almost 2 decades of experience in niche marketing, branding, media, and public relations, I have worked with many multi-national brands and countless global celebrities & thought leaders, to help them reach and engage communities around the world. Here is my story . . .

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I have deep and meaningful conversations with some of today's most prolific pop culture icons, rebels with a cause, and global thought leaders who are changing the world. Check them out right here on my tv and radio shows as well as on my blog, and like me, get inspired . . .

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I’ve worked with some of today’s most iconic brands, like P&G, L’Oréal, Diageo, and GoDaddy. Whether you’re a start-up or established, here’s how I can help you too . . .

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From Kim Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra, I’ve interviewed them all. They have revealed things to me that you cannot Google about. You can catch them right here on my tv and radio shows, as well as on my blog.
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If you are a corporation or entrepreneur looking to reach a specific community with your products or services, my team and I can help! We specialize in niche branding, marketing, and promotions – creating simple campaigns with big impact.

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My Story

RAJ GIRN is a multi-award winning media & events entrepreneur, brand strategistmarketing consultant, confidence coach, and entertainment personality. She is widely recognized as an expert in niche branding, media, marketing, and public relations, having worked with a vast array of globally recognized brands and celebrities for almost 2 decades.

She has developed an enviable reputation as an innovative visionary, who has an uncanny ability to create opportunities that bring brands, celebrities, media, and communities together, by creating and curating engaging content (having interviewed celebrities like Kim Karsdashian and Priyanka Chopra) and unforgettable event experiences (with a documented 3.4 billion media impressions worldwide for just one event).

Amongst her many accolades include: Winner of the 14th International Women’s Day Achiever Award (presented by PCHS, Toronto, ON – 2016); winner of the Inspirational Achiever Award (presented by Roshni Media, New York, NY – 2015); and winner of the ICCC Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award (presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Toronto, ON – 2013).

She has also been featured in two coffee table books and a feature length documentary, and is often called upon for her expertise on pop culture, branding, media, marketing, and entertainment.


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Join me on my weekly radio & tv shows, and browse my vast interview blog, to learn how celebrities and thought leaders have become iconic brands and aspirational role models – through their own words.

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If you are stuck in middle management or are an early-stage entrepreneur, and are looking to tell your story in a natural and authentic manner, to communicate with authority, and to stand out in a meaningful way, I can help you get there.