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I have worked in the professional arena for over 30 years in 3 different industries (hospitality, health, media), of which almost 20 years have been in creating partnerships, collaborations, and campaigns that incorporate some of today’s biggest fortune 500 companies, A-list celebrities, multi-national media houses, and many niche communities.


During this time, my team and I have been able to provide real life solutions to real life problems in media, marketing, branding, promotions, and many more related areas.


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Celebrity Testimonials

Anusha Dandekhar

Veejay / TV Personality

Raj Girn to me is a woman with so much charisma, positive energy and incredible warmth. I have been interviewed many times and because I’m normally the one doing the interviews, I always feel I’m a little uncomfortable being on the other side, even though I am super talkative and love to have fun with interviews. This was different for me, because Raj has such a beautiful aura, that you can’t help but feel super close to her and comfortable, and before you know it, you are opening-up about things you once shied away from telling the ‘press’ or magazines.

She doesn’t make it invasive or personal. Instead, you want to share everything with her. That’s why I did, and I felt so relieved that for the first time, I got to talk about all of me with someone who even over the phone, can make you feel like she’s sitting right next to you and making it fun and easy! Love your energy Raj and the love you have for your team and people in general. When you know after being around someone or talking to them over the phone, that you are leaving feeling even more amazing, that is a person to know and treasure. That’s the magic Raj has, and always will.

DJ Fizza

Celebrity Deejay

Raj Girn, you are an amazing woman. You are a role model to all South Asian women and I’m just in such awe of you.

Farah Mitha


Raj is the type of woman little girls can look up to and dream of emulating. The kind of courage, grace, humility, vulnerability and authenticity she exhibits in her company values, blogs, magazine articles, speeches and events is truly inspirational. She shows you time and time again that we can all be creative, supportive of each other and successful on an international level.

Personally, I am so grateful to Raj for her believing in me as an artist and seeing my vision. Some of the greatest moments in my career have been because of the opportunities she provided as well as the endless support and encouragement that a South Asian woman CAN be heard, respected and deserves to be successful in the western pop world. She is constantly breaking barriers and paving the way for South Asians everywhere and for that I admire her greatly.

Freida Pinto

Hollywood Actress

Raj is an extraordinary woman who approached me back in September (2008) so I have to say a thank you to her. She’s very genuine. It came from the truest part of the soul when she said “I believe in you and I will support you!

Most of us would agree when I say that in this highly competitive world of entertainment, its hard or practically impossible to find believers or takers for what you produce, especially when you emerge from absolute obscurity. That however, I cannot claim to be entirely true to my story as I was blessed with a few people who believed in me even before I was really discovered.

Raj is part of that inner circle and I treasure our friendship because of how genuine and sincere it is. She is a no-nonsense, straightforward, extremely hard working and positive individual and above all, she is rare! She is the kind of person you can respect and find admiration for quite effortlessly. I will always remember your simple but powerful words to me “Nothing is impossible”. Raj thank you for being you!

Hannah Simone

Hollywood Actress

A while ago, I did my first magazine cover for a great Canadian magazine called ANOKHI. It is run by a wonderful, smart woman named Raj Girn, who took the time to talk to me about my heritage, my education, and my ambitions. I remember walking by the magazine stands and feeling so proud that in a sea of covers, there was a South Asian person on a cover. It happens, but not very often.

So thank you Raj for creating a space and a platform that allows South Asians to be represented in the print fashion world. You’ve been doing it a long time and I appreciate you shining a light on me way before my move to LA and ‘New Girl, which didn’t come till many years later.

Jay Sean


I thoroughly enjoyed Raj’s interview because it was clear to me that she did her research and put a lot of thought and preparation into it, and got more out of me than just the generic questions, that are so often asked. As a result, it felt more like a wonderful in depth and free flowing conversation with a very smart friend! We covered so many aspects of my life both personal and career that I feel Raj almost effortlessly got the “real me” in this interview, which was one of my favourite yet!

Joan Kelley Walker

TV Personality / Fashion Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

Raj Girn is a woman who leads with integrity, heart and passion. I have worked in media for many years and it is refreshing for me to work with such a talented, multifaceted woman. I have been interviewed by Raj twice and she is a natural, making me feel so comfortable and inspired. Our fireside chat reminded me of a conversation you would have with a friend. Raj has the capacity to make you feel like you are in a safe space to open-up, share and be your authentic self. She is genuinely interested. She is dynamic, supportive, interactive and exudes grace. Raj cares and you can feel that in her work. I really admire what she is doing.

Karen David

Hollywood Actress

The world needs more inspiring women like Raj Girn. She is the kind of woman who simply brings out the best in you. Raj, thank you for our heart-warming and endearing, up close and personal interview. I had so much fun – what a laugh, NEVER a dull moment when I’m in the chair with you! Congrats on this new ‘milestone’ (as you’ve taught me) – love what OPEN CHEST is all about and represents for women of all ages!

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV Star

I was very excited to do my first cover story and interview with a South Asian magazine. I loved my interview with Raj and ANOKHI Magazine. Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to my global South Asian fan base!

Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii

YouTube Sensation

I did not want to miss this event (ANOKHI’s 11th Anniversary Awards Gala). To be here, to be recognized at such a prestigious event is so overwhelming and is in a sense very validating, so thank you so much to ANOKHI for putting on such a great event. A round of applause for you!

Lisa Marie Holmes, RH

Television Personality & Lifestyle Brand

When Raj asked me to join her ‘Open Chest’ radio show, my answer was an immediate and confident YES! The first time I met Raj, she emanated love, confidence, kindness, and a curiosity to dive deeper than the surface level. Having the opportunity to explore heart felt topics in a safe and open environment is so rare to find these days, but Raj is an expert at creating a space where one can learn and appreciate the experience of another while not minimizing that of your own.

Raj is an enthusiastic and empathetic interviewer and host. Her show is intended to inspire, educate, uplift, and support a diverse group of individuals. I had the honour of being interviewed on her show titled “Women in Television” and the topics within the scope of that conversation were moving, powerful, and transformative. Not only did I have a chance to share a piece of my own story, I had the honour to learn from the two other interviewees who joined us for the conversation.

Raj treats your success as if it is her own and celebrates everyone equally with a pure heart. My only question now is: when can I come back on!?

Mallika Sherawat

International Actress

You made me feel very comfortable and warm. I knew I could trust you and that my answers would not be twisted or manipulated. It was a great experience; you’re a real pro!

Melanie Chandra

Hollywood Actress

I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to Raj and the entire ANOKHI team. Context. Years ago, I left my cubicle. I ran away from it to pursue my dream of acting and it was scary and risky, but ANOKHI and Raj were there with me, every step of the way. And honestly, if it wasn’t for your support in those early years, I might not be where I am today, so thank-you!

Melinda Shankar

Canadian Actress

Interviews and press isn’t unusual for my line of work. However, what is unusual is finding an interviewer that you connect with and who you trust opening-up to. From the day I met Raj, I felt as if I had known her for some time. She was energetic, friendly, genuine and of course very dedicated to her work, making her easy to relate to and have a bond with her. Her passion for her craft is refreshing and inspiring – she has a vision and won’t settle for anything less.

Mia Martina

Multi-platinum Recording Artist

Being that I have had the chance to work with so many talented individuals since the beginning of my career, Raj is definitely my secret weapon. Her energy and her approach on coaching/mentoring is so unique and it gets the results! Raj makes you dig deep and brings out the absolute best in you while keeping it real with that magic touch she has that is so magnetic on creating your brand.

Nadiya Shah

Renowned Astrologer, CEO Synchronicity University, Published Author

The best way to describe Raj is she is truly FABULOUS and an inspiration. Her support for South Asian artists across the diaspora plays an important role in celebration, representation, and elevation. My interview with her felt like stepping into a truly safe and special space that she created with her enthusiasm, care, and the extraordinary love she brings to her work. I’ll always be grateful for the time we shared and be grateful for the larger role she plays as a leader and a pioneer.

Nazneen Contractor

Hollywood Actress

There are few people in this industry whom are as talented, charismatic, hard-working and successful as Raj. Her perseverance and belief make her a unique woman who has so much to offer. My experience with her has been first class. She is warm, down to earth and welcoming. It was like being interviewed by a genuine girlfriend. I am so grateful for her continued support in all my ventures and am proud to know her.

Nicole Scherzinger

Singer / TV Personality

I’m so grateful to have a real interview.

Priyanka Chopra

International Actress / Producer / Philanthropist

I’m really excited that ANOKHI invited me for their 10th year anniversary. To be honoured here by ANOKHI, which is such a prestigious magazine in Toronto, especially for South Asians, it feels really great to be a part of my community.

Rahul Khanna

International Actor

Felt like I was on Oprah! Thanks Raj Girn.

Saira Mohan

International Model

Raj Girn is a woman of maternal substance and undeniable determination. She gives incredible attention to detail. She has worked very hard to become the epitome of success – not to mention, she’s one of the most thoughtful, caring human beings I’ve ever met. Cheers to you Raj! Thank you for creating a platform, which empowers women to speak their minds and not be afraid of their own inner power.

Sakina Jaffrey

Hollywood Actress

When I was talking to Raj, she said that “I really want to elevate people” and I think that her spirit infuses in everything that her media does. And elevating people, boy, you can’t do anything better?!

Sangita Patel

Reporter, Entertainment Canada
Host, Home To Win

I remember when I went to my first ANOKHI event, I was blown away to see what Raj had created - a platform celebrating success in the South Asian community that had never been done before in North America. She has a vision and she delivered!

Raj has a way of connecting with you. She listens and hears you. I remember when Raj interviewed me, I was shocked at the knowledge that she had about me and my career, which meant the world to me. Raj is one of a kind and she understands people and their stories, and it always feels like you’re talking to a friend.

Keep doing you Raj, making changes in the world!

Sheetal Sheth

Award-Winning Hollywood Actor, Producer, Author

Raj Girn is an original. Elevating and connecting is in her DNA. She comes well prepared, deeply introspective, and stays engaged and provocative. All vital in an interview. I was honored to be on the cover of ANOKHI magazine in the beginning of my career and even more grateful to have stayed connected to such a gem of a spirit. Genuinely kind and full of integrity. Raj's light is grand and she has a special way of pulling everyone into it and sharing it, as only she can.

Siva Kaneshwaran


It’s not just a job for Raj Girn, it’s a mission to bring warmth and inspiration to all those around her. I felt that warmth and inspiration working with her.

Tamanna Roashan aka
Dress Your Face

Beauty Educator/Influencer

I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with Raj Girn at the 2018 ANOKHI POWER Awards, where I was given the very prestigious honour of being one of her awardees. We connected immediately and her bright energy has further inspired me to be the best role model I can be, while continuing to bring up the women around me just as she does.


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