Awards & Acknowledgements

2019: Inclusion in an Intention Deck of Cards, Featuring Inspiring and Empowered Women, Toronto, ON

2016: Winner of The 14th International Women’s Day Achiever Award Presented by PCHS, Toronto, ON

2015: Winner of The Inspirational Achiever Award Presented by Roshni Media, New York, NY

2015: Featured in a collectible book celebrating South Asian achievers, ‘Roshni: Global & Emerging Leaders’, New York, NY

2013: Winner of the ICCC Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award Presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Toronto, ON

2013: United Way Peel International Women’s Day Gala Honorary Chair, Toronto, ON

2012: Featured in a collectible book celebrating North America’s most prominent South Asians, ‘Roshni: The Light Of South Asia’, New York, NY

2009-10: NetIP NA’s 18th Annual Conference Marketing Chair, Toronto, ON

2008: Named as one of Toronto’s South Asians to watch out for by the National Post newspaper, Toronto, ON

2005: Voted SAMA South Asian Lifestyle Magazine of the Year Award for ANOKHI Magazine, New York, NY

2005: Named amongst Desiclub’s 50 Coolest South Asians in the World List, New York, NY

2004: Winner of the SASA Outstanding Achievement in Journalism Award, Houston, TX

1999: Winner of the Warner Lambert Professional Hygiene Award, Rochester, NY