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I have worked extensively with corporate brands, celebrities, communities, and media houses from around the world, and for the first time in my 30-year-long business career, (having worked in 3 very different industries – hospitality, health, and media), I will be opening up the vault to the many lessons, skills, and resources that I have acquired along the way, so that you can benefit in weeks from what it has taken me decades to learn, activate, and benefit from.

My expertise lies predominantly in mindset, branding, media, marketing, and public relations, which I have refined over the years through experiential application, trial-error-success formulas, calculated strategies, relationship-building, strategic alliances, and – to be quite honest – a healthy dose of second guessing coupled with God’s honest luck.

If you are stuck in middle management or are a struggling early-stage entrepreneur, I am confident that I can help you catapult to that next, much-needed level in your professional journey.

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If you are considering launching a brand, re-launching an existing one, or needing to de-clutter or re-organize your business operations, a fresh pair of experienced eyes can help you decide on what your next big (or small) step(s) need to be, so as to ensure that you are able to elevate your vision for your business and ultimately, to give you more time to live your life rather than work it.

I have been consulting with companies of all sizes for the better part of 2+ decades, helping them get clear on their vision, assisting them in creating a workable goals oriented plan, reviewing their resources, and creating efficiencies in infrastructure from a traditional time-paid structure to a production based culture. Time is money, so why not use it to create avid ‘campaigners’ (people who advocate your value 24/7) rather than reluctant ‘clockers’ (people who punch in and out).

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